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Spotify playlist
Listen to some of our favourite tunes about some famous French and English speaking cities. Cognates participants come from these cities and more! Learning languages comes in all forms, we love to learn while listening to music. Try listening to our playlist then looking at the lyrics to some of the songs. You'll pick up some new words to use while speaking with your Cognates partner.
Cognates Map
Cognates is lucky to have participants worldwide. From San Diego, CA, USA/E-U to Paris, France we have new participants that offer unique worldviews and perspectives. Check out our map of where some of our participants live!
Animated video
Watch this short animated video by Anika Poch-Mckee ( and see Cognates partners in action! 

Erika, 16

"I started losing my French, so I signed up for Cognates hoping to make new friends while practicing and learning French. Very soon after I signed up I was matched with a partner with similar interests and we quickly connected and found ways for each of us to practice both languages and help one another."


Amelia, 17

" I joined cognates around a month ago, with the intention to learn about a new culture, make relationships and to improve my ability to speak and write in French. The whole process has very easy and I got connected to my partner pretty much right away. I have really enjoyed my time talking to my Cognates partner so far, it's been lots of fun and I definitely recommend this program!"


Antonia, 14

"Cognates is a great program. I love talking to my partner, we get along really well!"

Cognates in the press
Teen Labs
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The American Library in Paris
The American Library in Paris is the largest English-language lending library on the European mainland. Cognates is thrilled to have made it onto their 'Online resources for teens' list. 
Check out the list here!
Tangerine Magazine
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